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Have account information at your fingertips right when you're ready for it. Free, online eStatements are just like paper statements, except more convenient, environmentally friendly, and secure. The less paper you leave for identity thieves, the better you can avoid being a victim of fraud.

  • Easy to use. Login to your Online Banking account and click on Accounts. Click on an account and select the eStatements button on the right.
  • Not enrolled in eStatements yet? It's easy. See the How Do I Sign Up For eStatements section below.
With eStatements you can:
  • Save paper and save the environment.
  • Depend on fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements.
  • Retrieve account information with ease when needed.
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft.
  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Enjoy faster delivery than paper statements. First-Class Mail can take up to five days to arrive.
  • Simplify recordkeeping.
  • Easily access past statements.
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed.
  • Receive email notice when new eStatement is ready.
  • Receive other select electronic notices.

eStatements are a secure way to access your statements and other notices electronically. eStatements are just like The Dime Bank paper statement or other notices.

You are able to enroll yourself for eStatements by logging into your Online Banking account. Online Banking service is required for eStatements enrollment. If you are not enrolled in Online Banking, click on the LOGIN button at the top of the page and select Enroll Now.

After you have logged into your Online Banking account, please follow the simple steps below to enroll for eStatements:

  1. Select Accounts from your dashboard menu on the left.
  2. Click on the account you would like to enroll and click on the eStatements button on the right.
  3. Section 1 - Click on Details to choose account/s to enroll in eStatements. Click on an arrow next to each account to show available document types. You can choose the types of document you would like to receive electronically for each account. Click on Save Setting button at the bottom to save your choices.
  4. Section 2 - Review the listed email address. If it is not correct, you can update it in the provided space.
  5. Section 3 - Read the disclosure. You must scroll to the bottom of the disclosure before agreeing to the terms listed.
  6. Select the “I agree to the listed terms” box.
  7. Click on Enroll Now.
  8. An Enrollment Confirmation will appear in a separate window. Select "OK" within this window to complete the process. You will also receive a confirmation email.

If you were enrolled in eStatements by The Dime Bank staff during your account opening or over the phone, please follow the simple steps below to complete your enrollment:

Log in to your Dime On Line account.

  1. You will be presented with "Enrollment Verification" message.
  2. Select the "click here" link to view a passcode required to complete the enrollment process. This passcode verifies that you have the ability to view eStatements documents in a PDF format using Adobe 6.0 or higher. Enter the case-sensitive passcode in the field below.
  3. Select "I Accept" to finalize enrollment.
Yes. Statement(s)/notice(s) are sent as a “shell” .pdf without customer data. Once the user logs into eStatements, the ID and Password are authenticated and the data fills the PDF document. The data included in the statement(s)/notice(s) is streamed via a secure 128-bit SSL encryption.

Your Dime On Line ID and Password enable you to securely access eStatements. eStatements also uses a security phrase which identifies that the email being sent to you has originated from The Dime Bank. This will help safeguard you against unwanted phishing attempts.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader® is required to open and view your statement(s)/notice(s). 
  • We also recommend that you use the latest browser version available.

Yes, you can save your eStatements/Notices to a folder on your computer by clicking on Download.

eStatements eliminate the need to mail a paper statement. Once you are enrolled for eStatements, you will receive your next statement both by U.S. Mail AND by email. From then on, you will only receive your statement(s) by email. Even though you are opting out from receiving your statement(s)/notice(s) by U.S. Mail, you have the option to receive a paper statement, at any time, by requesting it.

Currently, there is no charge for eStatements.

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