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07/27/21 - The Dime Bank Relocates Greentown Branch
03/30/21 - Ferdinand Feola is Promoted to Senior Vice President at The Dime Bank
03/08/21 - The Dime Bank Announces Brian C. Urbas as a New Commercial Lending Officer
01/27/21 - The Dime Bank Donated $8,000.00 to Support Students of Pike & Wayne County

The Dime Bank Relocated Greentown Branch

On Thursday, July 22, 2021, The Dime Bank broke ground for construction of our new Greentown branch. The facility will be located on Route 507, adjacent to Dutch’s Market and will continue to operate with the same hours as the current location. The facility was designed and will be built by PW Campbell, a firm that specializes in construction for the financial services industry. The new branch office is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

The branch design features an updated color scheme, furniture design and the use of innovative technology. The bank seeks to align the branch office with modern banking needs through inclusion of these enhancements.

“The design of this new facility is our first office to be specifically constructed to utilize the Universal Banker branch concept. All of the office staff are trained to handle all transactions in order to ensure a seamless customer experience,” Peter Bochnovich, President and Chief Executive Officer said. “We are excited at the opportunity to offer this enhanced physical branch model in the Greentown market and expect that our customers will be pleased with this improved banking experience. All of our branches are transitioning to use of the Universal Banking model and will offer similar customer experiences.”

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Source: The Dime Bank / July 27, 2021 / Deborah L. Unflat

Ferdinand Feola is Promoted to Senior Vice President at The Dime Bank
President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bochnovich and the Board of Directors announced the promotion of Ferdinand Feola to Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and a member of The Dime Bank’s Senior Officer team.

Feola joined The Dime Bank’s management team in 2019 as Vice President, Chief Technology Officer. Within this role, Feola leads a strategic, cohesive bank-wide technology program to align technology goals to other departmental and organizational objectives. Feola evaluates and implements new systems and upgrades existing infrastructure for the optimal use of data, information, and digital technology platforms. These efforts assist in achieving greater convenience and time saving benefits for customers and increased efficiency for the bank’s employees.

President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bochnovich stated, “Ferd’s 25 years of technology leadership brought a wealth of knowledge to the information technology side of The Dime Bank. He brings technology to the forefront of our business with our employees and customers. We are excited to have Ferd in this elevated management role as we pledge to continue to offer the best banking solutions to differentiate the banking experience at The Dime Bank.”
Feola holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Valley Forge and has completed FEMA Incident Command Training. He is a published columnist writing technology articles for national publications.

The Dime Bank Announces Brian C. Urbas as a New Commercial Lending Officer

Brian C, Urbas has been hired at The Dime Bank as a new Vice President, Commercial Lending Officer, announced President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bochnovich.

Urbas has 20 years of progressive banking and lending experience working at Northeast PA financial institutions serving Wayne, Susquehanna, and Lackawanna counties. Urbas’ enthusiastic and driven leadership skills coupled with his extensive experience yielded long-lasting customer relationships and strong business partnerships. His responsibilities included developing strategies to build new retail and business relationships in various industries, underwriting, and preparing and analyzing financial information for loan approval.

Urbas’ responsibilities as a vice president, commercial lending officer at The Dime Bank will be garnering new commercial customer relationships in the area as well as maintaining existing commercial relationships. Senior Vice President Chief Lending Officer William Boyle stated, “Brian’s experience and knowledge of the various financial needs of commercial customers make him a great addition to our commercial lending team. His ability to focus on business development coupled with his superb customer service will prove to be a benefit for The Dime Bank and our customers, present and future.”

Urbas has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Bloomsburg University.
The Dime Bank Donated $8,000.00 to Support Students of Pike & Wayne County
The Dime Bank donated $8,000.00 through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program to the

Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy (PennCFL).

PennCFL provides to all students in grades 3-12 in Pennsylvania a world-class, web-based stock simulation platform and curriculum. Students can learn how to trade all year long by using the whole curriculum, courses, and more, including two ten-week competitions. The competitions are held in the classroom, by county and state-wide.

The platform provides lessons, assignments, and grading for seamless teacher management. The cutting-edge, real-time stock game is derived from Stock-Trak's University Platform, which is used in over 80% of the top business schools in the United States.

Teachers and students get access to our extensive experiential education teaching and learning tool designed by Stock-Trak, the world’s leading provider of investment portfolio simulations for colleges and schools. It offers an entire standards-aligned curriculum library and a distance learning-optimized lesson plan database which includes a Google Slides presentation library, teacher training webinars, a student video library, a full personal finance course and a teacher’s dashboard for student assignments, progress reports, and grading.

PennCFL President Alan W. Dakey stated “Thank you for again supporting the Wayne Pike Stock Market Program and for increasing your support. The Dime Bank was one of our early sponsors when we were first getting started a few years ago, and your support was a great help in getting us launched in our early years. During the past school year over 20,000 students participated in our financial literacy programs and we have dramatically expanded our online resources particularly in light of the pandemic. Thank you for being one of our founding sponsors.”
About Penn CFL

PennCFL sponsors financial competitions and entrepreneurial programs resulting in over 20,000 students in Pennsylvania. Training and support are provided to hundreds of teachers. Our goal is to be the leader in K-12 financial literacy and entrepreneurship education. For additional information, please contact Alan Dakey, President at or Carolyn Shirk, Vice President, call 570-975-5149 or visit us at
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